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Land of Viets

Drum tower. Temple of literature.

Drum tower. Temple of literature.

In one of my trips to Vietnam I spent as much as 3 months in the country, after which I finally fell in love with it truly and irrevocably.  The fact that I drove across the country from south to north on a motorcycle, while watching and making stops in places far from the beaten tourist routes, give me a local insight into this country.

 North and Middle Vietnam, has historical meaning, because the border of original Vietnam was near town of Hoi An(now it is middle Vietnam) This trip will introduce you to the authentic Vietnamese culture and the diverse landscape North and Middle Vietnam. We will visit 5 of 7 sites that have been recognized by UNESCO as world heritage sites in Vietnam. You will see two ancient capitals of Vietnam, which are located on the territories where the Vietnamese lived from time immemorial (they gradually seized the South). In the process of learning the ancient cities of Vietnam, we will see the impact of Chinese culture on Vietnam customs and architecture, as there were on times when Vietnam was part of the Chinese empire and still that influence is kept. You will plunge into the life of national parks, spend several active days, go on one-day hiking, kayaking, swimming on beautiful beaches, see rare species of monkeys in the monkey rescue center , visit the Cham ruins (akin to the Khmer Angkor), feel like a speleologist, exploring caves In Phong Nha Park, where the world’s largest cave was discovered (yet closed to tourists. However open caves will be able to impress with its grandeur).

And the road between our stop-sights will pass among the most beautiful nature: the green hills of bizarre forms, mountains and even mountain passes, rivers, lakes and endless paddies. Naturally, at the request of the group, we will stop to capture all this beauty on the cameras.

Itinerary and program (can be adjusted in the process depending on the weather, the general preference of the group, etc.):

Day 1

Arrival in Hanoi, rest, then take excursion in the ancient part of the city: Lake of the returned sword, one-column Pagoda . Then,  dinner in the authentic Vietnamese restaurant, where you can taste variety of well-known  Vietnamese dishes such as  Pho, spring rolls and after that chose some souvenirs.

Day 2

At morning we gonna attend the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, a temple of literature, which contains monuments of  mandarins (Vietnamese intellectuals) who passed the state examination to be feudalism servants. In the afternoon – moving to Ha long Bay with  around 3000 scattered lime rocks, which is widely considered one of the most beautiful bay in Asia. Then from there we will sail to the island of Cat Ba by ferry. Check-in at the hotel in Cat Ba, rest.

Day 3

Trekking in the national park of Cat Ba  to the village of Viehay passing the frog lake.   By decent path through the jungle of the island we will get to the village in about 5 hours. From the village, we will return by boat to the city of Cat Ba.

Day 4.

Kayaking. For a sea walk on the kayak, the island of Cat Ba is an ideal place. Around the island are countless islets with picturesque rocks and hills, and some of them with natural gates and grotto caves. Monkey Island, located in the hourly accessibility on a kayak from Cat Ba is a great place for rest and swimming. There are beautiful sandy beach and also nice view point on the top of the hill, where we will get by trail. On the way back we will have lunch in the floating restaurant where plenty of fresh seafood will be offered, which local chefs will cook for you by your order. There are two seat kayak, and two men can paddle in it. Kayaking usually takes 5 hours. You can experience climbing and jumping into the sea from the lime rocks, with an instructor at your own expenses.

Day 5

Drive through Haiphong to the Cuc Phuong National park, where was Ho Chi Minhs favorite holiday destination. Settle in guesthouse inside  the park. Visit the cave of a prehistoric man and a millennial tree. A small trekking in the jungle. Dinner by the lake in the park.

Day 6

Visit the endangered monkey rescue center, transfer to the Phong Nha National Park. Check in guesthouse, visit the Paradise Cave.

Day 7

Visit the Phong Nha cave, walk (trip) in the national park, rest. The park is incredibly beautiful – you will feel yourself in a fairy-tale country!

Day 8

Transfer to Hue, which was previously the feudal capital of Vietnam. Check in at the hotel, visit the Imperial Citadel, walk around the city.

Day 9

We will attend  the tombs of the emperors. Transfer to the ancient city of Hoi An. Check in hotel. Relax on the beach. Swim.

Day 10

Walk through the ancient city of Hoi An with typical Chinese architecture, the legendary Japanese bridge. Visit and view the entourage of the ancient house, the Chinese temple of Kuang Kong, the assembly hall. Buy souvenirs, at will, buy or order clothes (Hoi an is famous for this).

Day 11

A trip to the ancient Cham tower My Son (7-13th cc.) These towers are historically and culturally (hindu temples) in line with the temples of Angkor. Return to Hoi An and have beach activities. Then before sunset we will take a walk to Anhui peninsula and the village located on it.

Day 12

A trip to the Marble Mountains – 5 marble hills with caves and Buddhist shrines (temples, statues, pagodas) inside. Then as the final point we will feel the pace of large seaside city attending Danang.


Map of Itinerary:


The tour price: 1500 $ (with a minimum group of 2 people)

Depending on the number of participants, the cost will decrease (for example, $ 1,350 for a group of 3 people)

Included in the price:
– Guide service
– transfers (except private rent of motorcycles, bicycles, etc.)
– Accommodation in hotels, 2 people in a room (air-conditioned rooms with toilet and shower)
– internal flight
-Pick up service from airport

The price does NOT include:
– international flight to Hanoi and return Tickets are bought independently, but only after discussion with the guide on a date and time!
– meals ($ 20-30 per day)
– Entrance tickets to parks, caves, museums, etc. ($ 150 for everything)
– medical insurance.

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