Ubud. Bali

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Ubud. Bali

Festival Preparation - Ubud

Festival Preparation - Ubud

Since Agung volcano could erupt again short after her anger shot 4000 metres of ash and steam into the sky on 25th Nov, which put life of thousands people in danger and sunk the hearts of those who fall in love with Bali, especially Ubud. Let’s pray for Bali and take time to remember about Ubud, Bali’s cultural centre as a peaceful, colourful, spiritual, artistic, rhythmical, and also unique place where you can merge in laid back life and find yourself in peace and tranquillity.

Ubud in peace with lush green paddy fields which de-stress your hectic life.



And some windy road can lure you into a hidden quiet temple in the niche of the hill where you can lotus-sit and let babbling water run through your mind.

Ubud in colors with handicraft offerings simply made of coconuts leaves, vegetables, fruits which are humble but at the same time lavish.


Ubud’s spirit is packed in this tiny offering bowl of  flowers petals, rice, coconut shreds and even a candy or cigarette which a woman in each household will lay on the lawn every morning to please the devas and ask for protection.


For Hindu festivals, both men and women balance fruits offering boxes on their heads to the temple in a charming and respectful way.

Ubud is artistic with every residents being a painter. A farmer proudly show you his paintings in small humble family owned shop or a scooter-taxi driver at his house.

When the night falls, in the dim light temple ground, even clumsy-looking man can turn into a graceful Kecak Fire dancer in haunting sounds and goose-bumps atmosphere.



Beautiful female dancers in elaborate costumes in Legong and Ramayana dances featuring with flashing eyes and quivering hands is a great entertainment and the long lasting impressions for tourists to Ubud.

After all, contemplation of this slow paced life and quiet visits to various temples are among the best ways to enjoy Ubud and find peace in your soul.


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