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By now the english version of site is under construction. Russian version is already actual and up-to-date. Hovewer, you can already publish here your own post concerning traveling in Asia. Help me please to develop the english version ASAP. I hope to see your posts here.

This resource is designed by Asian expats,

who are living mostly here, and know this part of the world pretty well!

On our site you can find out some optional travel itineraries and book it with the expat guides. So, if you got bored by package tourism industry which is faceless in most of cases, and would like to get traveling with people who knows social and cultural context and, even, possibly, language of country you have chosen, then here, you could definitely find useful tips. Traveling programs on Limerocks are unique and totally based on our own traveling experience. We are looking forward to share our services and bring you to the realm of "everything Asian".

Some casual video from Laos
open and Smile;)

Children of Laos.

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Images of The Fairy Mountains

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